Thursday, August 24, 2017

Managing Social Media

I used to blog quite a lot, and when I got onto Facebook about ten thousand years ago, the new social media platform killed my writing on here.  I am purposing to change that, even though I know without a doubt that personal blogging is a bit...yesteryear.

I'm OK, with yesteryear.  The problem that I have run in to is that I have too many facebook friends whom I don't actually know in real life.  I like writing for people, but on facebook, I write as though I am writing to friends when in large part I am actually writing to strangers...and then I invite unwanted comment into my life because I am not editing myself as well as I should.  

On blogger, I know for a fact that I am writing to the whole entire universe, and I can edit my words accordingly.  And I can write with more focus, intention, and purpose.  

I want to share some of my thoughts and my writing with people, but I don't want to bare my soul to everyone. I hope I can write about more than just grief, but I don't know if I will be able to do that for a long time to come.  

Welcome to my new old blog.  I hope you follow me here.  I will be purging my friends list on facebook rather extensively.  


elizabeth said...

yeah. FB is really tricky that way. I still blog, never left; though my blog changes as I do. we are praying for you.

Alana said...

Oh, I used to love your blog! I will follow it again as soon as I figure out how to update my blogroll. Wow, this feels so...retro!

Patsy Partin said...

Continuing to pray for Wes and you and all the family. I will follow your blog. Blessings, Patsy

C2 said...

I'm in๐Ÿ˜, Ceci