Update on Wes's Brain Cancer

We have an update...months have gone by. Wes has been on Temodar (chemotherapy pill) five days out of every 28 since last February, after 12 weeks of recovering from brain surgery in October.  At that time, the neurosurgeon was able to remove all visible tumor.
 In July, his MRI results came back questionable. The doctor said that it was either swelling and inflammation (which steroids would fix) or it was new tumor regrowing at the same site where his surgery was last October. Wes opted to go on steroids for a month, and then to have another MRI for comparison. We were hoping for the best, but got bad news instead: even more growth was seen, despite the steroids.

Wes will have another brain surgery in the third week of September. That's as long as his oncologist would give him to finish a big goal at work. There's a small chance it will be sooner, as we see the Neurosurgeon on September 9th, who will tell us what he wants to do, and get Wes scheduled for the surgery.

What this means: It means the first type of chemo has most likely come to the end of its usefulness. No more Temodar. Pathology report after the surgery will reveal whether or not the immunotherapy vaccines are doing any good at all...and whether Wes continues to receive those depends on that....and it will be time for the next type of chemo available to fight this beast. Fighting only buys a bit more time...this IS terminal cancer, and it seems to be God's will for us to walk this journey to its natural end. God is with us, and God is always good. Wes and I are each in a good place spiritually, although we are also grieving (as are our grown kids).

We thank all our donors from the bottom of our hearts for how much you have been helping us. The medical expenses are ongoing and surgery will be a big bump.

We are trusting God for the outcome, knowing that Wes might not recover so well this time. So we are trying to squeeze in some nice dates and get out into the early autumn nature in these next few weeks. And we hold each other. And we cry.
"Not my will, but Thine be done."

Here is our fundraising site:  https://www.gofundme.com/5jfxe4


Matushka Anna said…
Praying, my dear friend. ❤️
Athena said…
Ruth said…
Praying for you.

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