Cancer Update: God is Always Good

We just got back from Wes' doctor appointment.  The MRI report was not all good this time.  The area around where the original tumor was removed was lit up, and one spot in particular was a big bright blob.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to know what it is.  The doctor presented Wes with three choices:  1. Surgery again. The surgeon is willing and able. 2. A month long course of steroids followed by another MRI to determine if this is true progression (tumor regrowth) or pseudo-progression due to swelling and inflammation.  If the steroids remove the lit up spots, we know it was just inflammation and swelling.  Of course, the doctor said, it could be a bit of each.  Option 3. Avastin...which is a type of last ditch chemo when all else has failed. 

Wes decided on option number 2, the conservative route.  He will take the steroids, have another MRI in a month and we will know more precisely what this is.  If it is growth, then surgery and/or avastin and/or the Optune device are treatment possibilities. 

And that is where we are at. 

The kids are trying to stay cool about it. I am trying to stay cool about it, too.  Meanwhile, I am going to make Wes lots of sandwiches and buy him ice cream and pamper him as much as possible. 

He is still working.  His speech has gotten slower this past week or so, and he's been having more fatigue...but so far no seizures, headaches, tremors or put things in perspective. 

God is always Good.


elizabeth said…
Still praying here.... for all of you.
Carol Campbell said…
Am praying fervently!
Elizabeth Riggs said…
Sending love. And praying intensely!
Sending love and my daily prayers!
Bella said…
Prayers for you and your family. I lost my only sister to GBM a few years ago. Surgery was a very temporary fix, but when avastin was added, she completely deteriorated, requiring nursing home care.

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