Calorie Controlled Freezer Meals

What's a broke lady to do when she knows it would benefit her to be on one of those pre-packaged meal diet plans? 

What's a gal to do when she has so many food allergies that any and all of those pre-packaged diet plans wouldn't work anyways? 

What's a mama to DO when she doesn't even own a MICROWAVE...? 

Well, do it herself, that's what. 

So today I made 29 dinners with five different recipes, each with 400 calories, of things I am not allergic to...and they are sitting in my freezer ready to go.  They can go into the oven, the crock pot, or be heated up on the stove top, depending on the dish. 

I just raided my freezer and put together stuff I already had...

There are: 

4 Beef Fajita Bake meals
4 Chicken breast with rice and mushrooms meals
6 Salmon, potato and peas meals
5 Turkey and Black bean and corn chili meals
5 Fettuccini, Turkey and Broccoli meals (with a vegan "cheeze" sauce)
5 Chickpea Curry meals

They are deliciously sitting there waiting in Quart sized freezer bags.  I counted the Calories as I put the recipes together. 

Each day, I get to pick what I want to eat for dinner, and I can either thaw it and bake it, or just put it on a pie plate with foil over it while it is still frozen and bake it until it is done. 


Breakfast those sorted, too...but breakfast is usually so easy that it doesn't have to be pre-packaged. I'll blog about those meal ideas tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, here is what 400 calories of chickpea curry looks like: 


Stacy Runyon said…
I bet it'll be like unwrapping a gift from yourself every day :)
Frewtyl said…
I have wanted to do this for a long time (freezer cooking large amounts of meals), but have just never gotten around to trying it!! Good for you!!
This is excellent. I live alone, and these recipes are perfect for me. THANK YOU!

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