Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Looking for the Good

I watched a video by Rivka Malka Pearlman this morning, and something she said really got me thinking:  She spoke of transition being a good thing!  And this, just after I have blogged about how the cancer journey feels like exile (SO NOT a good thing)...

but it challenged me, and I started to ponder...I should look for the good.  What good things have come about in my life due to Wes having Glioblastoma?

I'm not going to make a comprehensive list here, but I will share a few points.

For one thing, this diagnosis and fight has shown me how good Wes has always been to me.  What will I do without him?  He is precious.  Looming death makes me wake up to that fact.

Cancer has taught me that my faith is small, very small, and needs to grow bigger...and it has.

Cancer has taught me that I am surrounded by community.

Cancer has taught me that people are generous and giving...and that through them, I experience the faithfulness of God.

Cancer has shown me that I am not alone.

Cancer has shown me how many decisions in my life are based on fear.  I am learning to think differently and do differently and let go of the fear.  (see that bit above about small faith).

Cancer has spurred me to seek out help in getting my kids educated...much to my relief.

Cancer has pushed me to think about what do "I" want in life...to think in terms of career dreams, and hopes.  

Ok, so that is my beginning of looking for the good even in the midst of a great "bad".  I'm glad to be learning these lessons, but I would honestly rather not have had to learn them via my husband having brain cancer.  


elizabeth said...

well, we are not Saints yet; it's hard to want suffering. L'Engle writes of it as how we grow and deepen but that does not mean it is not painful. You and your family are in our prayers.

Elizabeth said...

Praying for many miracles and many blessings for you, your wonderful Wes, and the children.
Love you, darlin'

Selena said...

Thank you Alana xxx

summerdays said...

Thinking of and praying for you!

Also read this interesting article (and movie) that I stumbled upon this morning:

Stay strong!

ann lynagh said...

Your husband must be very strong,you don't say how he feels.It must be very lonely,even if you have family and friends

Take care

Hannah said...

It was really good to read that post! My family and I have been going through some struggles and what you said here just so rings true for me. I'm praying for you and your family!

Neethu Sreedhar said...

Let your life be as refreshing as a Morning Coffee to others..Keep Rocking Always..
Neethu Sreedhar