2014 Family Newsletter Post

2014 has been a year of God's mercy and grace.  Of course we have been reeling from Wes' cancer diagnosis which we got the day before Thanksgiving of 2013.  We have kept on walking though, and started going to Gilda's Club, which is a wonderful cancer support organization.  By late September, early October (the anniversary of his seizure that we thought was a stroke) I started getting my feet back under me.  That first year felt like I was falling. 

Bethany and Maia got their GEDs, and Eric and Ariana got enrolled at Jeffersontown High School as Juniors.  Maia is on the cusp of getting her drivers license and she bought a car with money she has earned from her Library job. 

2014 saw ZERO growth in Wes' tumor, which is wonderful.  Wes said something rather profound the other day:  "I know I'm TAKING chemo, but I'm not TRUSTING the chemo to keep me alive.  I am trusting God to keep me alive."  And glory to God, Wes is still functional, normal, working and everything. 

My own health has been improving, as I found out at the beginning of December that I have asthma!  This is due to lung damage from when I had pneumonia spring of 2013.  I had been describing my health as "I feel like I am at the bottom of a pit (fitness-wise) and I can't climb out."  Well, now that asthma is being treated, I can exercise again and I feel so much better, thanks be to God.  As far as it goes, my fibromyalgia and thyroid issues are as well managed as they can be.  I have my ups and downs, but God seems to give me as much energy as I need, and as much rest as I need (and on some days as much HELP as I need) to get through the work of each day.  U have the most wonderful helpful young adult (and almost adult) kids.  I am grateful for each of them. 

Eric is amazing with his piano playing.  Ariana is growing in her art skills, learning water color and inking and cartooning in her advanced art class in school.  Maia is working faithfullly and hopes to start college Fall of 2015.  Bethany struggles with her neuro issues and has her ups and downs, but her fiber art skills continue to improve (she is amazing) and she is a joy to be around.  Please pray for my kids as they are stressed and depressed about Wes' cancer. 

Did we go on any fun vacations in 2014?  Of course not.  Sick people don't get vacations.  They get medical bills instead.  God provides. Oh how abundantly God provides. 

And so we continue to live by or motto:  God be Glorified. 

Wishing you and yours a blessed 2015. 


Mat. Anna said…
May this be a blessed year for each one of you. <3
Sandra Taylor said…
Love you! You and your family are truly inspirational. You encourage me daily. May you continue to see God's work in your life.
Selena said…
thank you for the update. Much love to you and your family. Please post some of the kids' art if they are okay with that!
Elizabeth said…
Much love to you, Wes, and the kiddoes! We at our home are praying for 2015 to be a banner year for your entire family! Always, always, prayers go up for you!!
gemma said…
God is indeed great.. So glad to hear this news. You will be in our prayers here as you have been. Happy New Year for sure!
Billy Yarosh said…
Enjoy the updates as I knew Wes from work but only shared the same space and team. I still have so much respect for him and like reading the updates.
Anonymous said…
That is a good report. Wes's testimony is true. May God give you much grace in 2015.
Carol Federoff said…
God be Glorified Indeed!

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