No more putting off the dreams....

 Wes accepted my invitation to go to the Jane Austen Regency Ball (and festival) in full Regency costume of course. I'm a very experienced seamstress, so I have the mad skills...I think I will need a day dress and an evening gown. He will need a linen shirt, breeches, waistcoat and a coat...I'm going to be one very busy lady unless I can find a place to rent him a decent costume!!!! (I've wanted to go for years but it was always put off as "someday" I realized that we are out of time, and "someday" has to be this year. 

Jane Austen Festival, Louisville


elizabeth said…
sending love; I think this is a very good idea; would love to see the dress/es DV. Praying daily.
Oaklep said…
Alana, Please post pictures to share what promises to be a special day. You, Wes and your children remain in our prayers.
--Steve Petrey
gemma said…
Now this is a wonderful plan! I know, or hope, we will see the progress pictures. Prayers for all of you from here.
Selena said…
Awesome. Love it. So exciting!

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