Friday, April 18, 2014

Limping our Way Towards the Resurrection

Wes just got back from the doctor.  His platelet (clotting factor) levels are super low.  His chemo dose is not going to be raised next round (which starts a week from today), and his blood levels of various things are going to be more closely monitored now.  For now the chemo is controlling the tumor's growth, it seems, but there IS a doctor here in town who uses the Novocure device, so if/when  the chemo stops working, this is still an option.  Please pray for him.  He came home from last night's Church service (12 Gospel readings) almost ashen/gray and utterly exhausted.  And I'm in a fibro flare myself.  Limping our way towards the resurrection.


Matushka Anna said...

Praying for you both daily, and praying extra this week. <3

Elizabeth said...

More Prayers going up! Please add us to yours. No services so far, but we are limping our way to tomorrow in hopes of God's Grace to at least attend the Vesperal Liturgy.

elizabeth said...


Steve said...

And it is the resurrection that all of life is longing for whether we acknowledge it or not.
My heart is with you.
Time marches on...a day at a time, which turns into weeks, then months, and years.
There are more days than not as I age that I am reminded that we are but dust...from the day we are born until the day we die.
When you're in your vibrant teens and twenties, you never think about age, nor disease, nor death.
When you are in your thirties, you rarely think about it, but it is a tiny small voice nagging at the back of your mind..."I am here, and you are not as young as you once were..." and then, in your fifties (still not "old" by any means), it becomes an unavoidable reality.
Know you are not alone...
Thank you for your honest posts. They help us all, for they are reminders that we are not alone in the dusty human condition.
Hugs and love to you and your family. ~ Gean Bell, Murfreesboro, Tennessee