Long Awaited Update on Wes

The reason I have not been updating you all on Wes and his brain tumor is that there has been no new information.  He's been going to work, he's been taking his prescribed meds, life goes on. 

Last week he had a follow up MRI to see how the chemo and radiation course affected his tumor.  Today we got the results: 

Not good.  The tumor looks worse, is more swollen and has taken up even more contrast dye than on the last MRI, which is an indicator, the doctor says, of how aggressive it is. 

For right now, Wes' day to day functionality is good.  He's started having a headache when he leans over, and for the past few days he's been running a low grade fever which his oncologist has been made aware of.  So far his blood work is still coming back with numbers within the normal range, but they ARE starting to slip down towards the low end of the normal range.

He will have another MRI in four weeks and then we shall see.  The doctor DID bring up the possibility of brain surgery, which we are glad for.  Right now Wes has not yet lost his speech, so it is highly risky to do surgery, given the location of his tumor, so if it is a necessity, he will likely have to be awake for it.  Oh, the horror. 

So we got the bad news.  I am deeply sad from this, but not surprised at all.  I think God has been preparing my heart...as I have felt all along throughout this cancer journey. 

Please keep praying for us.  Pray for Wes and me, but also please pray for the kids.  They are showing signs of stress, sadness and depression.

 Lord have mercy. 


elizabeth said…
oh my Dear Sister in Christ Alana, I am so sorry. We are praying DAILY for you and Wes and your children....
Mat Anna said…
Praying daily and at every service. Holding you in our hearts.
GretchenJoanna said…
I will keep you on my lenten prayer list.
Mimi said…
Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.
Michelle M. said…
Alana, we will continue to pray for healing and for strength and peace through this. You have all of our love and support.
Praying for you, Wes and your dear children.
Broken Gooding said…
Dear Alana, I am continuing to pray for you and your sweetie. You are dearly loved by this ole broad.
Wes Morgan said…
Every day I hold you and Wes in God's Presence!
Larry Vest said…
We will keep him and your family in our prayers. Thanks for the update.
Prayers are also winging across the ocean from us in Wales.
Susan said…
So sorry for the bad news.
Prayers for your entire family..
Gean Bell said…
One day at a time. I know you are frightened, and saddened, as are your kids. Somehow THIS is what real life is made of. I don't know you...but I feel your pain. Consider yourself hugged, and know that God is fully aware of everything that you are all feeling, and He is big enough.
Anonymous said…
I just read your blog and I will commit to daven for you and your precious family until I read the words that Wes is healed and the malady is all gone. If H'shem healed me,H'shem can heal your Wes. We speak to life in Wes and death to that tumor. I know that you do not know me and I know this is bold on my part but please watch this videoTemple Aron HaKodesh
Rebbetzin Bobbie Barsky in today's Message Moment. Catch the entire message at http://tak.org/archives2013.html
or go to amazon.com The Silver Lining, The Remarkable Story of a Miraculous Healing From Stage IV Cancer by Barsky, Bobbie (Jul 25, 2013) I know you have faith and many others have faith. We are a people of miracles. The fast of Esther starts tonight! Make your request to the King of the Universe. The Cure is written by Rabbi Barsky he experienced the need for healing of
his wife's brain cancer I never heard him go to that place in his heart of hearts. He wept and stood on God's promises like no other time in his life. Out of her healing and his true surrender came this beautiful book. It will help you in many ways of healing if you search it with all your heart.

I am sorry to to give you so much information at once. If you ever need anyone to agree with you in prayer you are welcome to call me and I will stand with you. Rachel
Kyrie eleison. I am so, so sorry.
plantfreek said…

Although we've never met I've felt an affinity w/you. We share not only chronic pain and the many effects it has on our lives but also husbands who have been struck with a serious illness. ALtho I'm not Orthodox I am old school Catholic and I sit w/my rosary each morning in the dark after Jim's gone to work and b4 the busyness of the day starts to creep into and take over my consciousness. That's when I feel my prayers are most effective. Wes and U are in my prayers =every day. I don't have any answers. I only know that God loves you guys and knows what you're going through. Prayinghe keeps His arms wrapped tight around you both giving you peace and help in this time of trouble. God bless you.

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