Friday, January 24, 2014

Quickie Wes CancerUpdate

Just a super quick update: 

Wes is just three radiation treatments away from being DONE with radiation.  We will both be GLAD.  The side of his head is rather burned.  This afternoon he meets with his chemo oncologist to find out about the new chemo regimen/dosages that he will be on after radiation is over.  He is also, at last, being weaned off his steroid. 

Getting off radiation and the daily chemo is definitely the end of "phase one", so to say.  It feels like a milestone, but it is one with a big tinge of dread attached to it.  As far as standard treatment goes, this is IT.  Unless Wes can find a neurosurgeon that does NOT think his tumor is inoperable, it will just be monitoring the tumor from now on for re-growth.

I'll be glad to see the radiation burns diminishing.  I hope his hair and beard can grow back.  But it may not, with the larger weekly chemo dose he'll be on. 

I can tell he gets worn out more than he used to.  He lacks energy reserves, but can still go to work each day. 

I'm learning to pay super close attention to my own physical needs and health.  We continue to pray for healing, while at the same time praying "Thy will be done." 


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Mat. Anna said...

We are still praying!

(interesting... the word verification is "resurrection"...)

RETA said...

God is so faithful.


margaret said...

He is in my prayers every day. And you.