In All Things, Give Thanks

I suppose my readers here would like an update on how Wes is doing...So far, he is doing GREAT.  As a matter of fact, he is running circles around me. His face is puffier though, and his smile Larry the Cucumber.  Small differences.  Probably from the steroids. 

He's been receiving radiation for six treatments so far (today is day seven) and chemo every day since last...what was it?  Wednesday or Thursday.  something.

Each day he has energy and no side effects is a gift, and so far, he's been fine.  We do realize that it is cumulative and that the nausea will probably kick in once his stomach lining cells have been destroyed along with his hair follicles and hopefully some of those nasty cancer cells.  We shall see...but each day he is feeling good, we give thanks.

Meanwhile, I am EXHAUSTED and dealing with plenty of fibromyalgia pain from day to day.  I don't have the option of slowing down and resting, since I am the family driver, at least through the end of this month.  Barring another seizure, Wes can return to driving on his birthday at the end of December.

I'm still trying to take good care of my health.  I saw the doctor yesterday and we talked about what else I can do.  Even after two years of heavy duty vitamin D supplementation, my levels are still too low.  So she's bumping that up, among other things.   My big question for today is:  stay home and putz around the house (muchly needed!) or go for a swim at the YMCA (also muchly needed).  

At this point, a week after the car wreck that totaled my minivan, it is looking and feeling way more like an act of Providence (God's providing grace) than something bad.  We got the settlement from the other party's insurance company, and it is WAY MORE than Kelly Blue Book value.  We will be able to go and buy a much newer minivan and use it as a sizable down payment.  Considering that our old van was leaking oil and starting to fall apart on us, this is a GIFT.  Glory to God for all things!!!!!

So, this is all the Sheldahl family updates that are to be had.  The kids are continuing in their work and school work.

I realized yesterday evening that Christmas is only a week away.  I have not given one single solitary thought to baking, or feast-planning, or anything like that.  Before our family got medical orders to eat gluten and dairy free, my go-to Christmas dinner was a Stouffer's Lasagna.  Unfortunately, that is flat out no longer a possibility.  I don't want to do a ton or work but I want to put something on the table that a)everyone will like-HA! b) is relatively effortless and c) feels festive and special.  Tall order.  And Christmas cookies....need. to. make. Christmas. cookies.  Because they don't sell gluten free ones at the deli.

And for today, that is all she wrote.  There is not enough coffee in the world to coax anything more profound from my fingertips this morning.  Have a blessed day.  



adriennelacava said…
Hi Alana. I'm in your mom's FB circle of friends. We too have begun restricting gluten and it's not easy. This recipe is a hit with my family and I think it tastes and satisfies like a good pasta dish more than pizza. The dough is very cheesy, and it's pretty easy, so when I read about the lasagna favorite in your post I decided to share this recipe. Your family has been in my prayers and I wish for you much closeness and joyfulness throughout these tough, tough weeks.
Alana said…
thanks adrienne!

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