I had a wonderful time today, visiting with my bestie, Alicia.  She and her girls came over for tea and baked something-or-other and we had a grand ol' time.  Of course we talked about all the important things in life:  kids, our concerns, health stuff, Church stuff, God stuff...all that stuff.  We drank tea.  We used pretty china.  It was so awesome. 

Earlier this morning I was feeling pretty emotional, and I didn't want to go home after I took Maia and Wes to work.  So I hit the thrift store, and I found some tea cup/saucer sets!  (I collect them).  I also found some pants that I was in need of.  So, mission accomplished.

Pink Roses on the tea cup!  That's special to me. 

And I had another wonderful conversation with another friend tonight after I dropped off my son for scouts.  She had her new 12 passenger van to show me, and we talked about the sorts of things people who buy 12 passenger vans talk about:  Health, nutrition, when the baby is know...good LIFE stuff. 

I realized that Wes' cancer diagnosis feels a little bit like a pregnancy in reverse.  There's that sense of "everything is forever different now" along with that strong urgent sense of expectation.  But this is a very different sort of passage, and is more negative than positive.  But in that "rite of passage" "life change" sort of way, a cancer diagnosis is huge....and forgive me if I am writing as though I have decided that he is going to die.  I am, I suppose.  I have to accept it.  And I'm doing a lot of processing of that idea...while still praying and asking  God for healing. 

I am surrounded by good friends and family and love.  I can feel it.  It is real.  Thank you. 


elle-maree said…
My heart hurts for you, for Wes and your children. The prayers will continue to flow and I will continue to believe that Our Father can heal any situation. May Wes be the recipient of a miracle.
elizabeth said…
Praying daily. I am SO GLAD you have good friends near by; may they always be near! Lovely tea cups, I love such things as well. Lighting candles for you all today.
I am so sorry for you. Ich hoffe, du kriegst ganz viel viel Kraft vom Herrn. May your husband become healthy again out of HIS pure grace. We are heading for eternal health, nothing will harm us. And the same spirit Jesus had on earth may fill you both right now, here on earth.
Kathie Truitt said…
Oh sweet girl. Do you think you're writing that way because you think it will protect you if he does? That in some way you'll be 'prepared'? 'Ready'?

I don't know what God's plan is for you. For Wes. But know that a lot of people are praying. As for me, I'm asking Him for complete healing.
Unknown said…
The pregnancy analogy is surprisingly apt, and not just for being born into eternal life. No matter how much you prepare, you are never really ready. And then too, as you guys are all too aware, even though we expect otherwise, the outcome of a pregnancy is never certain. In pregnancy we assume joy and in a cancer diagnosis we assume tragedy. Still, I will pray that this time you will be surprised by life and health. And in any event I will pray you are both surprised by Joy. All our love.
Unknown said…
Tabitha here. I tried to identify myself on that last post but evidently got it wrong. I am such a lucite.
Unknown said…
Okay, I'm embarrassing myself here. Now, not only can I not figure out how to show my name, but I can't even over-ride auto-correct. That lucite is supposed to read ludite. Finally, got it to stop "correcting" me. Sorry for my bull in a china shop internet etiquette.

Maria said…
I understand. There will be people who try to cheer you up by saying things like, "No one knows how long they have."

Yes, that is true, but an incurable, terminal illness changes things. It just does.

My husband has outlived his prognosis, but still he is not cured. I think it is very wise to prepare as much as possible emotionally, while still praying for healing. God's thoughts are not our thoughts. Glory to God.

You are always in our prayers.

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