Camned Dancer

I picked Wes up from work today to take him to his radiation appointment.  We were chatting.  How was your day?  How was your energy?  Well, I see at least you still have your I snuck a look at his beard and chuckled.

He paused, a funny look on his face.  "Actually..." and he whipped off the hat I"d knitted during his biopsy surgery.  I pulled the car over, still in the parking lot of the place where he works, so I could take a look.

Sure enough, a couple of bald spots on the side of his head:  one of them as big as my palm. another, about thumb sized.

I joked that at least now we know the pills aren't placebos.  The laughter covered up tears.   I noticed he looked pale, wan, and worn out. 

His hat went right back on, and we ran a couple of errands (filling prescriptions at the pharmacy, checking mail at our P.O. box...nothing earth shatteringly fun). 

After supper I shaved his head with barber clippers.  I've done it hundreds of times before.

But this time it sure felt different. 

Camned Dancer. 


gemma said…
Merry Christmas anyway. As you know God is on His throne and we are all in the palm of His hands. Wish I could just make it go away Alana. Know I am praying for you all. Love you

Matushka Anna said…
Oh blast. I'm sorry. :( Even when you know it's coming, it's still hard. ((hugs))
elizabeth said…
praying. so sorry that it is so hard. Lord have mercy...
Selena said…
Lord have mercy. Thank you for sharing this.
Sending hugs and prayers.

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