Sunday, December 01, 2013

An Ordinary Day

Today my fibromyalgia kicked me in the rear, and I stayed home from Church.  Unfortunately that meant the kids stayed home, too.  Wes, feeling great, walked the 1.5 miles to Church. 

But for supper we had a couple come to visit us who live in another state, whom we have been friends with since before we were each married.  (In fact, their wedding was just about three weeks before ours, the same summer).  It was so good to visit!  They are the types of friends who are friends for life, that you just pick up with again where you left off and there's really no "leaving off" even if we have not seen each other in a few years. 

Tomorrow, thankfully, is an ordinary day.  I'll just get up, take Maia to work and then take Wes to work.  After that, I have to go get my blood draw done, so that my doctor can have lab reports on how I'm doing with my various health concerns.  That's what so weird and difficult:  Just because Wes has cancer does not mean I don't still have thyroid disease and fibromyalgia that I have to manage.  Just because Wes has cancer does not mean Bethany doesn't still have her autism and mental health issues to contend with.  Just because Wes has cancer doesn't make the world stop. 

I think the world should stop. 



But I'm so glad tomorrow is fairly normal    I hope I can go for a swim in the afternoon.  I desperately need the exercise. 

On Tuesday the extra doctor appointments start for Wes.  But tomorrow  I'm going to hang on to ordinary as tight as I can. 


Glan Deas said...

My day is always good for me. My first need is coffee in the morning. Without coffee I do not start my day.

Kopi Luwak

elizabeth said...

Praying for you all daily. My husband and I always say we are glad for each normal ordinary day; I am so sorry that the love of this has to be highlighted in this way; may God bless you this day. {HUGS} sent...

Xenia Kathryn said...

So sorry for my delayed comment-- I didn't read blogs over the long weekend. I found out last night about your DH. I'm so sorry, Alana. He and your family will be in my (especially fervent, now!) prayers! From what I've read over the years about Wes, I can tell you are married to an amazing man. Yes, may God be glorified in this journey.

Much love from Oregon...