I have been remiss...

in blogging.  For that, I apologize.  You know that old song from 1979 called "Video Killed the Radio Star"?  Well, in my case, facebook killed blogging.  But I want to do better.  I promise. 

Lately most of my mental energy has been going towards day to day survival, working on things for my etsy shop, and building up my health and physical fitness, on top of the usual raising teenagers, feeding people, acquiring food for them, and doing the prayers and Church thing. 

In have started designing and making unique home altar cloths/Pascha basket covers.  I'll be making more, as I can.  I hope they serve the needs of Orthodox people here in America and fill a niche of something that is unique, American, and Orthodox. 

Meanwhile, I'm just as weird as I ever was.  I float along through my days like an intensified Mr. Magoo, forgetting half of what is probably important and feeling blessed that I have not, yet, lost any of my kids or pets or my own head anywhere dire and irretrievable.  Having it all together is way over rated. 

Here is a link to my latest creation, for your perusal, enjoyment, etc. 

Pascha Basket Cover


elizabeth said…
Nice to hear from you here. That is a very lovely handmade basket cover! Very nice...

I had to step back from FB as I felt it was something that would suck all my time of my day if it could.

All of God's blessings to you.
priest's wife said…
I love the basket cover- are you planning on selling them?

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