Friday, August 09, 2013


I have utterly neglected this blog over the past few months.  It's been a good summer for our family.  We've been gardening, and Wes and Maia have been working.  I've been doing a bit of canning, trying to continue taking care of my health and running the usual amounts of errands and cooking the usual meals from scratch.  Life goes along. 

Transfiguration was good, although I forgot to bring a bowl of grapes.  Any evening service that I actually make it to, is good.  It brings me joy. 

I decided to try and sing in the choir a bit, too.  Wes has been for a while, now.  And so going to choir practice on Thursday nights is my new challenge.  Energy. 

Right at the moment I have a headache. 


gemma said...

Hope the headache moves along quickly and smartly. Glad all is well.

Selena said...

Nice to get this update. Lots of good things happening :)

Gillette said...

Summer is the best time for me and my family. Have a great whole summer!

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