Mid Lent Update

Well, Lent is going along just fine here at our house. I've discovered that keeping the right balance (as in LOTS) of fruits and vegetables in my diet is making it possible for me to keep the fast for the most part (still the occasional egg or can of tuna). I'm very grateful for this and it is an answered prayer.

Another interesting answer to that prayer I prayed, the "God, help me to fast and help me not to eat so much food" prayer: I got pneumonia. I was really really sick for five days, running a very high fever off and on for five days before I finally made it to the doctor. I was surprised at the pneumonia diagnosis, but that's what it was. So they put me on the type of antibiotics that can kill the plague, or anthrax, gave me a nebulizer and some albuterol, some cough medication pills, and some mucinex, and sent me on my way.

All those things...I needed them. So that basically took a solid two weeks out of my life. I have nothing but gratitude to see that fever gone.

All the rest of my family's been sick, too. Their version of this scourge has "merely" been fever and bronchitis. But I have no doubt it is the same germs causing it all. Wes is sick now, he's the last one. And there's lots of work for him to do at work, so he can't just take it easy for two weeks.

But boy oh boy...while I was sick I ate nothing. For an entire week I had no appetite. First time ever in my life for that to happen. It was an enjoyable novelty.

So my stomach shrank a bit. I'm trying to KEEP IT THAT WAY. It seems an appropriate thing to embrace during this lenten season.

I still cough so hard that I feel like I'm going to black out. I've not been to Church in two weeks....too sick. I would disrupt everything with my hacking and coughing.

But being sick sure has made the time fly...Pascha is only a month away! Time will fly.

Today I was able to get the groceries that needed getting and I cooked some food (fruit salad, and clam chowder made with coconut milk). It's the small things that make me proud.

Pascha will be here soon.


elizabeth said…
oh boy! :( so sorry you were so sick! May the rest of Lent be a healing for you all...

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