Introducing Potentiana the Pious of Great Potential

Oh boy, have I been SILENT lately. I've been busy over on facebook, though.

The family keeps me hopping and I always have slightly less energy (and therefore time) than there is stuff that needs to be done. I'm learning to "let go" from it all, though, and to ask for help. The result is that my teenagers are stepping up to the plate and taking over more domestic things that otherwise their lazy selves would not be inclined to do.

All this, while I crash out on the couch and watch Deadliest Catch on Netflix. Before that, I was watching a series about climbing Mount Everest, and then Storm Chasers. ...well, actually I finished Deadliest Catch yesterday and now I'm stuck with River Monsters. Sigh.

We are quite busy here at the Sheldahl house, kids are doing school, I finally found a history and a literature curriculum that we all like, and so we are working on those subjects in a much more organized way than ever before.

But at any rate...

I've created a humor page over on Facebook, so if anyone wants to check it out, Potetiana the Pious of Great Potential takes a humorous look at middle aged woman's struggle(or failure to struggle) to live the Orthodox life.


Shelley said…
Every one of those posts brings a smile at the least and a LOL at the most!

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