September 1

Well, it's been a busy week for me. I was feeling ill on Monday and went to the clinic. Ended up with antibiotics for two infections I had going on. Tuesday saw me at the endodontist for a root canal...a RE-DO root canal on a tooth that had already been done. Please pray that my dental insurance comes through and covers most of it. It cost a thousand dollars. I need to learn to ask more questions in advance of medical procedures, because that price threw me for a loop. A was expecting a few hundred, not ten hundred, for a re-do. Lord have mercy.

The thing that has me stressed out these days is our need to get our oldest some services. Now that she's 18 she qualifies for stuff regardless of her dad's income level, as she counts as an adult with an income of zero. Finding help and being her advocate are things that are very very difficult for me to do...especially as I balance home responsibilities and home schooling everyone, as well. Stress makes my brain basically shut down, and I've been finding myself shut down pretty much constantly lately. This is not good. I have to take one day at a time, make lists and get stuff done. Lord have mercy.

My husband is also working on her disability application process and he's sort of shut down as well. We are both grieving. If B were well and normal, she would be off at college this year.

Yesterday I went out to the garden and picked loads and loads and loads of green beans and also some beets and tomatoes. So I need to get up off the computer soon and start processing them and canning them. That's my task for this long weekend, as it is going to rain here, according to forecasters.

The leaves are looking fallish outside my window, which is rather unusual for the fist of September in Kentucky. But since spring came six weeks early, I suppose fall will come early this year, too....I wonder if the leaves only have a set number of weeks of green in them.

I, for one, am ready for cooler temperatures. I don't care much for summer. But over all it's been a good summer. We moved. What more can I say?

So, I raise my mug of brown caffeinated bevarage (shhhh...I fell off the no-coffee wagon and am drinking some) to a productive-yet-relaxed domestic Saturday.


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