He kissed me and thanked me for picking, snapping, washing and canning all those green beans (14 quarts today)

and said he owed me dinner. I said: "If you take me out to dinner it will more than cancel out any savings we might have gotten from this work I did." We laugh. "Well, I owe you something!" he says.

...and I remember all those evenings in June when he swung his mattock into the hard Kentucky clay, to break up the soil.

I remember how he hoed it, and raked it and then carefully planted the bean seeds while I watched from my chair, often too sick to get up and do anything to help.

And long summer evenings when we both knelt and pulled stinky bean beetle larvae off the leaves, and when we together bonded over spraying essential oils on our plants so that the bugs would not win.

I remember last winter all the evenings he spent reading up on gardening, and how it was HIS energy, passion and drive that got me out there in the dirt in the first place.

I remember how he gave me time, and let me fall in love with gardening on my own terms, at my own pace....and if I had not, that would have been fine, too.

No, dearest...we are in this together.

I've been paid in long summer evenings in your company, listening to cicadas and the buzzing hum of life that is a summer-time garden. I've been paid by the relaxed conversations we had driving to and from and the walks we took out at the community garden. I'll be paid again in the winter when we sit down and eat these beans. I've already been paid. You don't owe me anything.


Saponaria said…
That is so sweet. I'm the master planner behind our garden. But my husband puts so much work and energy into it for me. I couldn't do it without him. But he always acts like it was entirely me. We love gardening together. :)
Monica said…
Such a tender and true picture of marriage, thank God.
Mimi said…
I hope your ears were burning, in a good way, when my dear friend (who is also a friend of yours on FB, C) and I were canning tomatoes and your recent canning adventures were talked about :)
A reader said…
I was wandering through the Internet this evening and saw your blog. Now I'm wondering whether we met a couple of times (scattered apart) in Dallas at the OCA cathedral. (My name is Antonia.) . . . I read of your health struggles, and shall hold you in prayer, esp. because we both share the annoyance of fibromyalgia. I wish you well with the Savella. I had to stop taking it because it was destroying my eyesight. (This is a known side effect.) So I take nothing for the fibro, or for any of my other health conditions. May all be well with you, and may God grant you healing!
Amy OzarksUSA said…
Aww, how sweet! You guys remind me of me and my sweetie. ♡ I hope you are feeling better. :-)
Alana said…
Antonia! Yes, we met in Dallas! I remember you and wondered how you are doing, etc. Glad you found my blog! I will definitely keep the eyesight thing in mind. I have noticed increased light sensitivity since starting to take Savella. I will mention it to my doctor!
Xenia Kathryn said…
Sorry for the late response, but this is such a beautifully written post! I loved reading it :) Thanks!

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