Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This blog needs a new name

I gave up coffee. Someone forwarded me an article about some reasearch saying that coffee has a protein in it that is cross reactive to gluten. Well, goodbye coffee. I quit the moment I read that article...and I do believe I'm better off for it. Currently I'm swigging my way through the black tea in my cupboard and once that is gone, I'll go with green tea and probably stay with green tea. Unless/until I learn something evil about THAT.

Meanwhile, I do believe taking iron is helping me, as I have a modicum more of energy. Thank God, thank God, thank God!!!!

ANNNNNDDDDDD....I put on a t-shirt that the last time I tried it on was a bit snug, and it fit perfectly. I wore it all day yesterday. Today, I went to put on a shirt that used to fit just fine and it hung like a tent. So, I had to go through all the shirts in my closet, and a bunch of them now reside in a bag destined for the thrift store. Some of them beloved favorites, too. Oh well. I'm not going to weep. So I went from one gargantual plus size to the next smaller not-quite-as-gargantuan plus size. At least I'm headed in the right direction even though there's a long way to go.

So, this blog needs a new name. Coffee can no longer be part of my IDENTITY, which is what it was. I knew at the beginning of the year that this year would be a year of change and growth. It has been and is continuing to be. The GAPS process is huge for me right now, but I don't want my blog to be all about the GAPS diet. Gluten free is huge, but again...not my main main thing.

So, I'm stuck and can't come up with anything good. Suggestions?


RL said...

A Fresh New Morning ?


Alana said...

Ooooo, has possibilities. Or "New Every Morning" in "God mercies are new every morning"

Or "Morning Mercies"

RL said...

I really like "Morning Mercies" ... it has the same syllables as Morning Coffee, and moves your identity from food to God. I like that! If only I could do that in all areas of life! :-P


Erin Vest said...

Morning Meanderings
Morning Reflections

margaret said...

When I first discovered you you and I were the only two Orthodox women bloggers I could find (imagine that???) so I'm kind of used to Morning Coffee but I do like Morning Mercies very much as a replacement. It reminds me of Keble's 'New every morning is the love...' :)