The Garden

Yesterday evening Wes and I took a drive out to the community garden to see what progress has been made.

It was a lovely evening. Insects were already flying in the grass by the road, and the earth had been disced, but not divided into plots yet. We hope to garden two of them this summer.

But there will be much work to be done. Wes wants to work it by hand, and bypass using the rototiller, and to that end he has purchased and spent the winter shapening a mattock. Just a wee step towards less dependance on petroleum products, I guess.

For my part, I just enjoy being out of doors, even if it means sitting and watching, or hobbling around with my cane, which support my legs need by the time evening comes.

After we looked around, we discovered some lettuce growing by the side of the road, so I picked it, and some wild flowers and we munched on some wood sorrel, enjoying its tart and tangy flavors for a few small bites.

While we were there, someone drove by with a horse in full lather who was pulling a two-wheeled cart. I thought my youngest daughter would have been outraged that the horse had its head pulled back by the harness straps to give it that more formal "look". She has, after all, read Black Beauty. ;-)

After looking at the garden-to-be and picking a few more wild flowers we drove over to where the animals are kept and said hello to the friendly goats. A few of them came up and let me scratch their chins and ears. Too bad I did not have any treats for them.

It was a lovely and warm evening and much too green for this early in April. I hope we don't get a hard freeze. Nobody plants much before Derby (early May) around here, but I'm not quite sure if that has to do with the actual weather or the unnatural focus on acquiring the best and biggest HAT.


elizabeth said…
that's really nice. hugs.

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