Sisyphus (They guy in Greek mythology who couldn't get his rock to the top of the mountain)

Well, lent has been peaceful so far. I've been struggling with my health, but then again, what else is new? Last fall seems like a long time ago, and that one month of feeling good was so NICE, but by December it was all over and I started feeling sick again. This has just gotten worse and worse and worse. week...I go for an MRI. And yesterday I had a bunch of blood taken. My doc is testing me for Lupus, RA, and any other auto-immune disease they can think of.

Maybe it's "just the fibromyalgia" but the levels of fatigue I've been having and the weird neurological symptoms are new. Not as much pain, just ginormous my arms and legs are concrete. And my legs get weak and I walk funny.

Recently someone told me I worry about my health too much. Someone else joked that I have Munchhausen's after I opened a pocket knife and clumsily cut myself on the finger. I know he was just joking, but that sort of stuff hurts a tiny bit. But I guess it's my cue that people really don't want to know about it all. It must get comes Alana with her litany of ills.

I think I just want to learn to shut up about it all. (Ha!) Does that mean I'll blog about it more or less? I don't know. But then the problem with shutting up about invisible chronic illness, is that people expect you to be there, be able and to produce and put out and participate. And sometimes that is just not possible. Not enough energy.

I recently closed down another blog I have been writing on, and referred its readers over to this one. So, I may start blogging a little bit more about my faith than I have been in the past few years. I hope that's OK. More GAPS recipes to come as well. I made a wonderful pot of sprouted lentil stew the other day and it has been the gift that keeps on giving. I love leftovers!

Peace, my friends.


elizabeth said…
sorry to hear about things not improving :( this is very hard. (hugs) and prayers...
Hilary Miller said…
I recently went on the GAPS diet also and I've been extremely weak and fatigued, more than usual. As well as some other weird things. This comment is probably not helpful since I don't have any information yet as to why that's happening, but ... anyway ...

I hope you feel better soon!
Oh dear. Auto-immune diseases are numerous & scary. Many prayers.
denise said…
Please check for lyme disease with a Lyme Literate DR..

It is a very tricky disease and it sounds like something you should look into. The earlier you are treated the better. Blessings,denise

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