A Lesson from my Kitchen

It's official: I hate my crock pot. I bought a new crock pot a few months ago because my old one's crock had cracked (for the second time) and the lid handle had already been replaced. Same brand. But this one has an electronic timer instead of manual controls... Stongly. dislike. that. electronic. timer.

I know. It's "just" a control issue.

I want to be in charge of my appliances! I want to be the one to tell when food is done! I want the POWER. I will NOT submit to some dumb electronic timer who thinks it knows better than me. Submission is for unto God, not unto a Rival Crockpot timer. I have enough things in life I have no control over, and I WANT control of my own appliances, by dingy!!!!

I used to make bone broth in my crock pot...I'd let it go for days and just add more water as necessary.

This crock, however, makes weak, anemic broth because it keeps shutting the flippety flip OFF. And, it does not really get hot enough.

With my old crock, I could cook a frozen chicken and it'd be done in about four or five hours on high...from frozen. This new crock won't even bake potatoes in that amount of time.

You know what? I think I AM this new crock pot.

My spiritual broth is weak because I keep shutting off and "being in charge", instead of letting God be in charge all the time. And I'm reminded of the "lukewarm" verse in Revelation.

So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Revelation 3:16

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner!


Renee said…
I too recently got a new crockpot (actually two since I thought the first was defective). My food actually bubbles and even burns at the top edges... I found out that the new crockpots are HOTTER than the old ones.... which is quite annoying
Sallyford said…
Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face with such a hilarious post! Wishing you luck with the Crock pot, Sally @ Enlightenment for the Sleepy, xxx

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