Thursday, January 26, 2012

What the Gaps diet is really: Vegetables and More Vegetables

I did not really realize how much processed food I was eating until I started this GAPS diet. Now, I'm eating vegetables, meat and the fats derived therefrom, eggs and a very small smidgen of fruit and honey. That's it.

Today, at the grocery store my shopping cart contained the following:

Acorn Squash-3
Butternut Squash-3
Spaghetti Squash-3
mushrooms (4 packs)
brussel sprouts
cauliflower (I broke down and got this frozen because I knew I did not have room in the fridge)
carrots-4 lbs.
onions-2 bags
organic apples
small box of red currants
bananas-2 bunches, 1 ripe and 1 green
giant bag of frozen green beans
dried bananas (chewy like fruit leather, found at Trader Joes)
four avocados

coconut oil
sesame seeds (for later)
almond meal (for later).

I might be missing something. But that, my friends, is a LOT of vegetables!

I also bought:

1 pork roast
4 organic chickens
3 containers of ground pork for making sausages
6 pounds of beef (from farmer, actually)
3 dozen eggs (also from farmer)
organic butter for making Ghee (2 pounds)

There were a few other things for some of the family members who are not on the GAPS diet, but I wanted to share the GAPS stuff, in case someone googles GAPS diet and comes across this link. And lest you think we eat THAT much meat...I was getting chicken for two weeks, so I don't have to treck back out to Costco next week.

It's not as hard as I thought it would be. The first week started out just making soup after soup after soup...the kind with no rice or pasta or potatoes in it. I've discovered that eggplant goes OK in chili. I have plans to make borsht. And I do NOT care for ginger carrot soup very much.

I'd still be eating soup, but one of my teenagers on the gaps diet refuses to eat anymore soups and so to keep the cooking simple, I've been making bone broth for us to sip in the mornings and afternoons, and doing stewed meals.

This week we've moved into stews/casseroles, so for dinner tonight, I peeled and chunked up a bunch of beets, turnips, onions and carrots, plunked them the big roaster pot and put one of those organic chickens on top. Salt and Oregano. Covered all in foil and let it go long and slow at 325 F. for about three hours.

Those beets were GORGEOUS and the carrots! The burgundy and orange color combo is one of my favorites. I discovered tonight that beets are indeed delicious. I'd never liked them, but then the only kind I knew was the pickled canned kind. I intentionally try to cook enough for leftovers the next day (lunch!) but I never have quite as much as I think I ought to. I will definitely be buying beets and turnips again next week.

I'm looking forward to my cooking this week, because it's a lot of oven meals like this one...meat with various veggies, cooked together low and slow. Easy, simple and REAL FOOD.


gemma said...

Sounds good -- I think beets will be on my try it out list.

Tawni M said...

This sounds so good, almost makes me want to try the diet! And, yes, roasted beets are a whole different thing, so yummy!

Hilary Miller said...

I only recently discovered the delights of roasted Brussels sprouts. And bok choy! Having to find other foods to eat besides wheat, dairy and sugar opens up new horizons ...