In My Sewing Corner

There's been NOTHING going on in my sewing corner and I have been experiencing the strangest thing...I went from "top of the world, I can sew anything" after making those two wedding dresses last spring, to feeling like I never ever want to sew again after one rather spectacularly stressful well-constructed communication failure of a project where I ended up losing lots of time a not a little money.

Burn out.

Now, whenever I sit down to do some mending, or a wee tiny project, I'm all thumbs and threads come loose and things get tangled and it's just horrid. And I look at my work and I'm so unhappy with it.

Other people have etsy shops and other people's sewing projects are neat and perfect (or at least can take perfect picutres of their work).

And then there's me: The queen of imperfections.

I just want to give up. I want to close my etsy shop, I want to never sew anything again.

I know these feelings will not last. I'll sew again. Someday.

But it's winter and I'm sick and feeling low and I am SO TIRED of being sick and feeling low. But there's nothing else to be but how I am.

I know, the cold/flu/thingy I currently have is transient. It will be gone next week and I'll be bustling around having my birthday and getting ready to go on the GAPS diet. It will be fine.

I will be fine.

There's a saying: Pride comes before the fall.

Yeah...that's what happened to me in my sewing corner.

When pride comes, then comes shame; But with the humble is wisdom. Provers 11:2


elizabeth said…
It will get better again; winter is always a hard time. Hugs.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to hear it.

It WILL get better. Take it easy on yourself, and rejoice in the chance for a little self-pity, and then some self-realization.

Are you getting out each day to admire the beauty of winter time? (Sunshine activates vitamin D under the skin to help with several hormonal response systems).

I once made a coverlet based on winter-time appearance of a persimmon tree's gnarly branches with little orange fruits. There are different things to see and marvel in the cold, dark wintry days.
Alana said…
Hmmmm? I don't THINK there's self pity going on...just sort of a blah-ness. But then again, the post might well read that way.

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