Monday, January 30, 2012

Coconut Sweets

Today I bought three fresh coconuts instead of buying the already processed-with chemicals added flaked coconut.

Getting one of them open was an adventure, but it seems it will need to be an adventure I get used to, since I'm committed to eating fresh real food.

First I took a hammer and a scewdriver, and banged two holes in the top, and drained the juice out of the center. (I'd already shaken them to hear the juice sloshing in the store, and checked the integrity of the shells.)

After pouring off the juice we sat down on the concrete (covered in vinyl floor tiles stuff) kitchen floor and started banging away at the coconut. Nothing worked until I took it and gave it the old "medicine ball floor slam"...THAT cracked the shell. So then we pried the rest of it off, with a few hammer whacks and some jabs with the screw driver.

Eventually I was able to use a vegetable peeler on the soft brown inner rind. It was about as fun as peeling a raw butternut squash, which is to say, a bit labor intensive.

Eventually the flesh found its way into my food processor and I processed it for a good while, adding about a cup and a half of dried dates, and an indeterminate amount of raw sunflower seeds. Grind grind, scrape scrape, grind grind. I added the coconut juice for a bit more moisture.

Soon we had a mass of coconut sweets, which we formed into balls.

They are delicious! My daughter and I plan to ration them for when we desperately need a pick-me-up or when everyone else is eating desserts.

Oh and by the far I've had TWO people tell me I look like I have lost weight. I have. It is nice for that fact to be noticeable.

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elizabeth said...

Hugs; keep up your good spirits and trying new things! :) (hug) to you!