Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How it Went

SO....I had that appointment today and I really really liked my care giver. She's a nurse practitioner who is very very well informed and takes a holistic approach to her health care-giving. I filled out tons for forms and surveys for her, and my scores showed that I, for one thing, have an inflamed and leaky gut. We talked for a long time. Additionally, my scores on other forms I filled out show that most likely my thyroid, but also all my other hormones are a hot mess!

She was so well informed, listened to my concerns and was on the same page about lots of things: approves of raw milk drinking (although now I get to stick with raw goats milk), wants me to drink Kombucha and be on a gluten free/casein free diet. For starters. I'm seeing lots of bone broth in my future, I think. I've never been off dairy before, so that should be interesting. And I'll have to brush up on my gfcf knowledge base. Its been a few years since one of my kids tried that diet. The danger, I know, is that there's LOTS of gfcf junk food out there and that is NOT a trap I need to fall into on a regular basis. But it is nice to know it exists for special occasions...

So, the new diet. A new supplement she's wanting me to try, a food journal and symptom journal. In a few weeks, at our next appointment we will tackle the blood work results.

Oh, and she wanted to test me for heavy metal poisoning as well. I got much sicker when we moved here to Louisville and have gained 45 pounds since moving here, without changing my eating habits. Whether that's to do with hormonal aftereffects of the surgery I had or something else, it seems like this excellent practitioner will leave no stone unturned. She is a far cry from so many doctors I've met, who dismiss me and tell me I'm fine. I'm not fine. I'm sick.

Now I want to get better.


elizabeth said...

good. Thank God. A long road but one you with God can do. FYI if hormones are an issue you may want to look into bioidentical hormones; I have done research on some medical things (librarian and all) and if I can help you info wise, just let me know... roosjeblog @ yahoo . ca

Don't give up and you are in my prayers.

thegeekywife said...

I'm glad you found someone, and I hope this is the beginning of better care. keep us posted.

Dianne said...

Excellent. Glad you found someone you like so much. May this new direction bring you better health. I think going gluten-free is very promising.

Athanasia said...

This is all good news Alana. It's a tough road to hoe, but worth the results. BTDT.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you have someone who will really try to help figure things out for you!

We do the GFCF diet around here all the time, and for us, although we pick up the occasional cookies for DH, or pizza or fish sticks for quick lunches, we've found we mostly do home-cooked stuff. Of course, it helps that my husband likes to cook (he and DD are the ones that need to be on the diet) and he also likes to cook/make a lot of asian style meals. We eat lots of various kinds of rice, rice noodles, and stir fry. Not to mention, he makes my favorite meal ... sushi. :-D