Well, I decided that I'm going to count WW points for a little while, again. I took a WW vacay, and since I officially quit paying and going to the meetings, I've had no motivation whatsoever to follow the plan. And I've been feeling, shall we say, a bit bloaty lately, which is the precursor to a huge weight gain, so I decided I'd better do something.

I got on the scale and have NOT in fact gained any weight. Yay

And now people are home and it's time for dinner.

Gotta go, and count those dinner points.


I lost a little weight on WW but then I really lost once I quit it. I had learned about healthy eating so I quit doing points. That, combined with daily walking helped me lose a lot. Now I'm trying to lose again after I gained a lot on fibro meds. It sucks when you can't walk anymore to exercise either! lol

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