Hideous Gargoyle

I seriously thought I was a fat hideous gargoyle when I was a teenager. Clearly I was wrong.

This picture from a box-o-stuff my mom just sent me. I was 17.

Live and learn, I guess.


elizabeth said…
lovely picture. remember that you are still beautiful now too, k? :)
Xenia Kathryn said…
I saw funny magnet once at a store that said, "I wish I was as skinny as I was when I thought I was fat."

Oh man, that hit home for me!

Lovely picture. I like Elizabeth's comment, too-- you're still beautiful!
Rebecca said…
I was SO FAT, so I thought (and everyone told me) in HS. Now I look back and wish I was that weight. Ugh. But now I'm going to try, really try, to get healthy. Tonight I joined WW, and DH bought me a pedometer with a goal of working up to a regular 10,000 steps a day. We'll see how this goes. Can hardly wait for the doc to release me to do regular exercise after this cancer surgery ... looking forward to hitting the pool with DD. Just another 4 1/2 weeks to wait. Until then all I can do is walk.
Hezra said…
was just thinking this today! I was a sz 3-5. Ugh. so so SO far from that size today. And after our vacation pics, I have GOT to get healthier. You were and are a beautiful woman. May we just remember we are gorgeous and work to be healthy so we stay in this world longer.
gemma said…
cute as can be

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