Busy Busy

Well, folks, I'm finally ramping up to take my sewing on-line. I've been working on pattern development and fleshing out ideas lately, and pretty soon, there will be some links on this blog and on my other blog, to an etsy store and a selling page.

What will I be making? Little girl's boutique style dresses. Among other things.


Liadain said…
You GO, girl! ;-) And blessings on the enterprise!
Anonymous said…
Sounds exciting, but don't stay up all night...get some rest sometime!
JudyOlson said…
You know, I thought there would be a zillion comments about this. I am wildly excited for you and wishing you every success, I think it sounds splendid and can't wait to see the fruits of your labor.
Mimi said…
Good for you!

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