Zoo Trip

Today (my parents are visiting this week) we went to the Zoo. It was ridiculously hot and our pace was very slow and we only made it about 1/3 of the way around the zoo before it was time to buy some drinks for everyone (the kids having dumped most of their water bottles over their heads) and catch the trolley to the top of the hill and head home.

Various ones of us (OK, everybody) was complaining of various symptoms of approaching heat exhaustion, despite my constant hydration attempts.

Going home was good. It was the hottest freakin' day of the year so far, I think.

Ah, air conditioning!

How did we ever live without it?

One cold shower some salty chips later, I was feeling a bit better and my skin had lost it's lovely red and white mottled appearance. Dinnner was good, too. I'd had the foresight to cook the vegetable curry before our zoo trip, so all I had to do was heat it up. Rice in the crock pot.

Before all that, in the morning, my mom and I headed to the thrift store because I'd seen some dishes like a set she has there, and we went to check and see if she could replace a plate that had broken. Not only did she find that, and some larger plates, and some clothes, I found an awesome decorative fruit bowl, three more bed sheets (in pale yellow, lilac and black) that will get converted into kid's pajama pants and night gowns, and some drinking glasses that coordinate with some I already own, and three shirts for Wes.

So, it was a very fun day. My family laughed and joked a lot and I realized that not only do I look a lot like my dad, we joke the same way and have similar ways of pontificating about bullshitty stuff that we are merely supposing, as if our suppositions are fact and making a constant barrage of horrible puns.

Ah, family!

Good times had by all.


Rebecca said…
Sounds like a very nice visit (minus the heat). My parents are coming in less than two weeks, and I'm hoping for a good visit myself. Still trying to be understanding and forgiving (and not bitter) that they didn't come when I had cancer surgery and needed their help, so I guess we'll see.
elizabeth said…
glad you had a good day; yesterday sure was hot!

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