Inspired to Sew a Cotton Dress

After a recent discussion on an e-mail list I'm a part of, and the finding of the fabulous sewing blog The Opulent Poppy, I decided to be both thrifty, seamstressy, and retro, and make a 1930's/1940's inspired dress out of a Nautica sheet I'd bought at the thrift store one time. Cost: $2.50. The buttons are from my Meemaw's stash that I inherited a few years ago.

This is the first sewing project I've done where I used my machines almost to their maximum capacity...using the serger where appropriate, and even using the blind hem stitch on the bottom and the sleeves. The ONLY hand work was sewing the button holes. I can practically whip them out by hand faster than I can set up and figure out how to do them on the machine. (I should really force myself to learn but I DO SO love doing them by hand!). This project took about three hours sewing, at the most, and was my first time using the blind hem stitch and my new serger on a garment.

The top part of the dress is the top of the Romantic Blouse Pattern from with modified sleeves. The skirt is a made-by-me narrow A-line. Alas, I did not have enough fabric to make any pockets.

So, without further ado:


Eva Girl said…
Oh wow! That is a fabulous dress! I love it ; ) It's a flattering style on you and the color and fabric are perfect! Beautifully done!
Shelley said…
I love this! I also spent some time yesterday perusing and being inspired by The Opulent Poppy.
Matushka Anna said…
That is darling! I want one!
Hezra said…
oooh! I love it!
katherine said…
love this, alana! if you ever switch to making grown up girls dresses, let me know because i want one of these!
Alana said…
Well, I certainly CAN make you one but in order to keep it all legal, you'd have to buy the Romantic Blouse Pattern at, otherwise I'd be guilty of copyright infringement. Thirty dollars plus materials and pattern. (This one was made of a sheet from the thrift store for two dollars and fifty cents.)

And in order for the dress to look like that, you'd have to gain about a hundred pounds. ;-)

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