Friday, April 08, 2011

Weigh in Report after a crummy week

I really struggled last week with food cravings, urges to compulsively eat and too many glasses of wine (too many from a Weight Watchers perspective, not from a drunken sot perspective).

Well, yesterday I faced the music, and found I'd gained a mere .2 pounds. I'll take it. Mild punishment, indeed!

And my workouts are progressing very nicely. I designed a lovely 30 minute "dumbell circuit" workout where I alternate between weights and the rebounder. AND I've bumped up my dumbells to eight pounds since the five pounders I started out with seemed too easy after my initial soreness wore off.

I decided to start training for a 5K which will be on May 22, so I'm going to be doing some walking workouts in addition to the cardio/weights.

I promised you all I'd share this workout with you, and so here it is:

Each exercise is done continuously for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of jogging in place on a mini trampoline (or on the floor, or one could use a step, and step up and down).

Equipment I use: 8# dumbells (or whatever is appropriate), mini trampoline, and a chair. And music certainly helps. At my house I do this workout in the kitchen so that I can watch the timer on the Microwave oven clock to switch activities at the right time.

1. Alternate shoulder press (shoulders)
2. Simultaneous curls (biceps)
3. Right side, overhead triceps extensions (triceps)
4. Pencil Squeeze (back)
5. Counertop pushups (chest/arms)
6. Squats (butt and thighs)
7. Calf raises (calves)
8. Side lateral raises (shoulders)
9. Alternate hammer curls (biceps)
10. Left side, overhead triceps extensions (triceps)
11. Simultaneous upright rows (lats)
12. Countertop pushups (chest/arms)
13. dead lifts (leg/butt)
14. plies/calf raises (calves)
15. Alternate front raises (shoulders)
16. Alternate curls (biceps)
17. Right side, chair rows
18. Right side, triceps push backs
19. More wretched pushups
20. seated wall press (legs and butt killers)
21. toes in calf raises.
22. simultaneous shoulder press
23. simultaneous hammer curls
24. Left tricep push back
25. Left chair row
26. More stankin' push ups.
27. Squats, again.
28. Crunches
29. Leg lifts
30. Just stay down and do some more abdominal work until the timer goes off, fer cryin' out loud because you are too tired to get back up again.

Google will most likely be your friend in helping you find out what these exercises are. I think weight lifting is fun and a relatively painless way to get some total body fitness happening. One can be deliberate and precises and track one's progress in a systematic way. Good music will stave off the utter boredom of it all, and with enough consistency, one can carry more groceries, and stuff, and look like She-Hulk. What's not to love about that?


thegeekywife said...

Cheering for you! Weightlifting really CAN be fun.

Simeon said...

Wow you beefed up...

... and turned green!

Lay off the spinach!

Mimi said...

Good for you!