Yeah. Pascha happened. Now I'm back on track. Yes, I gained quite a bit of weight. Almost all? Seven pounds in the last two weeks? Yes, it's true.

This is what not tracking for a week, and having a few bad weeks before that where I half tracked, will get me.

But it is a new beginning and I will NOT give up. I have not given up. I did not give up.

It's just that Pascha happened and my sleep got all topsy turvy and that has made all sorts of other things irregular and I am SO READY to be tracking again. Enjoying it, actually.

I feel more secure this way. And that is a load off my mind.


Laura said…
I gained some weight too, but it is to be expected. I also think we tend to put on some water weight resulting from the stress on the body from all of those Holy Week services. We'll all get it together again!
Alana said…
I think so too.
I'm sure once you are tracking again the weight will start coming off. It's hard once you get off track, but you can get back on again. :-)
Alana said…
I'm doing great with tracking this week. You are so right. I KNOW the plan works.

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