Thursday, April 14, 2011

Burn it and Earn it

Well, I managed to lose weight this week (1.2 pounds). I had a little chat with the WW leader and asked for her advice: What do I do if I have a really really bad day, and blow it really bad? Do I ditch all the weekly points and limp along for the rest of the week without using them, or do I pick up the next day and start fresh and still have my weekly points? She told me to do the latter. Good to know.

I did not think I'd lose weight this week because I sort of blew the weekend, what with the AHG camping trip and all. But I guess my workouts and choices in general combined to make it an OK week. I definitely want to track better in the coming weeks.

I have also hit my own personal wall. I'm starting to bump up against the reality that I have big food issues and compulsive eating and I have to deal with the emotional aspects of why I'm overweight (emotional eating, compulsive eating, stress eating and I MUST learn to deal with emotions in non-food-related ways...BUT HOW?????). By now that the program does not feel like a fun game anymore, but rather like WORK (I still like it but it's pain-in-the-butt factor has dramatically increased here lately). Work is not a bad thing. I'm learning to embrace the work, to set goals and find ways to meet them.

One thing I'm going to do is pay myself to track. Here is my "Burn it and Earn it" plan:

For each day that I track, I get a dollar. If I track perfectly all week, I get to keep those seven dollars, regardless of whether I've lost weight. The tracking habit is the thing.

IF I do not track perfectly all week, I get to keep the dollars for the days I DO track IF I LOSE WEIGHT and ONLY if I lose. If not, I don't get to earn those dollars.

My initial thought is to save up and earn a serger this way, but it might be that I really need that serger before the weeks will go by to earn it this way. If I get a serger for my home sewing business before then, I will figure something else out that I really want and try to earn that thing.

So, that's my plan to keep myself on track with tracking.

So far, I'm down 15 pounds from my all time high weight that I'd hit last fall. Down about 13 pounds since starting WW. Happy progress!


Chrismated in Coffeeland said...

Keep it Alana, I know its rough...I agree about getting down to the whys of the eating, that is what I have been working on this last few weeks. I had a big backslide after a family visit and regained half the weight I had lost since the first of the year.
You are not alone:)

elizabeth said...

keep at it Alana; it IS so hard to work on ourselves... HUGS.