Weigh in Report

I lost .8 pounds this week, for a total of 6.4 so far. Down is better than up.



Genevieve said…
Dude... that is AWESOME! There's be no stopping me if I could just lost 5 pounds. I haven't lost any yet. In fact, I've gained 15 pounds since August. Depressing.

mamajuliana said…
Great...Hey, even the tortoise got there!
Alana said…
That's right!
Alana said…
Genevieve, I have been "dieting" since early November. I was spinning my wheels until I started Weight Watchers at the beginning of February. And it's gonna be SLOW. Last time I did WW I lost a mere 20 pounds in a year.

At this rate it will take me over 2 years to hit my goal weight.
Anonymous said…
Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are on your way!
YAY!!! Tortoise is better than being the song...

"I am the Walrus..." kookookichu!

Great job!

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