Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

One of the things I've been thinking about in my weight loss journey is the idea of "don't wait until tomorrow". In order to embrace the process, rather than be obsessed with the end result. I have got to (and am actually doing it) develop a "don't wait until tomorrow" attitude.

I think I started learning this lesson last year, when I went spelunking. Ok, so it was with a bunch of kids (I'm an American Heritage Girls assistant leader) and it WAS a "mini cave tour" but we were indeed on our hands, knees and bellies and it was complete with helmets, mud and scary tight places. And it was very very dark.

So, I thought it would be a terrifying experience. But it was not. It was exhilirating and FUN.

If I had waited until I was thinner, I never would have gone.

Three years ago, when I was working on failed WW attempt number X, I had it in my mind that I wanted a red dress. I thought it would be such a nice "after" thing to wear, you know? Red and sassy and...lovely. Cue that old 80's song "Lady in Red"...

Well, the other day, I had the thought that I really should NOT wait until some mythical someday. I needed to consider finding a red dress in my size NOW.

Now, as you all know, I'm a consumate thrift store shopper and it's not like one can go to the thrift store and order up something stylish and specific and have it be there waiting for you in your size.

But sometimes, SOMETIMES...OK, it happens A LOT (a lot, a lot, which is why I suspect Divine Conspiracy) I go to the thrift store to see what I can find and there it is: The very item I needed or wanted. That happened today. I found that red dress. In the perfect shade of red. With the perfect cut. With no faded or worn areas. In my size NOW.

And it is lovely.

And NO ONE will be able to convince me that God did not put it right there...just for me.

And so now, it's my "don't wait until tomorrow" dress. And it's also my "God loves me even at my current size" dress. I'm feelin' the LOVE.


Anonymous said…
Ok, that post was awesome! I'm also going to be humming the song the rest of the evening as well!

: )
Mimi said…
Good for you!

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