What I Want

I want to be able to go up and down stairs without my knees and ankles hurting.
I want to be able to sit on a horse without feeling sorry for the poor beast.
I want to be able to go hiking and not be worn out.
I want to go caving (spelunking) again. That was so much fun.
I want to rapell and do ropes with the American Heritage Girls I'm an assistant leader for. (For whom I am...for the grammar police).
I want to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of myself.
I want health, healing and wholeness.
I want positive thoughts in my head.
I want to release this weight.
I want to smile (I am smiling...had a good day today).
I want to be faithful to my new good eating habits.
I want to sleep better.
I want to surprise my kids who (I think) secretly don't think I can lose weight for good.
I want to surprise myself as well.
I want to have a thinner self to offer my wonderful (thin) husband who loves me not matter what.
I want to lose weight and keep it off.
I want to be responsible.
I want to not be a slave to my passions.
I want to be less self-indulgent.
I want to be an adult and not a kid when it comes to food.
I want more energy.
I want less pain (back pain, knee pain, ankle pain).
I want to be able to look at two fifty pounds bags of potatoes and be amazed that I used to wear that on my body all the time.
I want to have the energy to keep my house in better order.
I want the experience of setting a goal and accomplishing it in THIS part of my life as well as other things.
I want to earn my Lifetime Membership in Weight Watchers. (I'm a chronic drop out but that is the old me.)
I want a "new me".
I want the second forty years of my life to be better than the first forty years.
I want to have nothing to wear because it's all too big for me.
I want the 2X top I bought at the store to fit me instead of being too small!!! (I did not try it on at the store, assumed it would fit...oh, surprise!).
I want to be able to stand up in Church without feeling so tired and faint.
I want to be fit.
I want to be able to wear a dress with a waist line.
I want to be able to belt my favorite (hand knitted by me) sweater.
I want to be able to go to the store and find bras that fit me.
I want to have more spring in my step.
I want to make exercise as much a part of my life as eating, breathing or prayer is: non-negotiable.
I want to go contra dancing and not be "the fat one".
I want to fit into those size 18 jeans in my closet, instead of the 22's. And after that, I want to fit into the 16, 14, 12, 10 and perhaps 8's.
I want to be thin.
This week, I want to stick with my DPT. (so far so good).
This week, I want a loss on the scale.
I want to lose 100 pounds, even if it takes me five years to do it.
I want to never give up.
I want to never give up.



amy said…
Never, never, never give up!

as I know you know, but just to remind you...

when knocked down, the saints get up again...

we fall down, we get up again.

I'm on a track to better health, too - and I encourage you to keep on, keepin' on!

Something I've learned is that it is very easy to talk myself out of a hike when it's raining or snowing or just plain cold. And it is JUST THEN, precisely that moment when I begin telling myself that it's just too ________ to exercise, that other part of me has learned to say


It's not a matter of feeling like it, it's a matter of obedience. Which has such sweet rewards!!

Those things you listed are all before you...GO MEET EACH ONE of THEM = ' )
Rebecca said…
Ditto ... on most of your items!
deanna said…
It is an odd feeling to read something and think, "that woman is inside my head. Your blog is wonderful!
elizabeth said…
yes NEVER give up.

love to you. you are on the prayer list of many you know. :)
Connie said…
You go! You are my inspiration and fellow journeyer, love and prayers to you!

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