Monday, February 21, 2011

This Time Around

I've done Weight Watchers several times before, but something is different this time around.

I'm not looking for a quick fix. I honestly don't care how long it takes to "get to goal". I'm making this more about the day to day journey. And if I happen to lose weight week by week, great. I mean, I DO want to lose weight. But I also want to learn how to live with food. Because that's the crux of the matter.

The new plan is feeling really good in my body. I'm FULL. And finally, at long last, I think I might be figuring out the correct ratio of fruits/vegetables to the rest of everything else.

The balance, in that regard, has shifted. Wee portions here and there of soaked oats, or sprouted grain bread, or one cup of whole grain pasta. But these foods MUST be limited carefully. Same with oils and fats. They are an important part of one's diet and can't be skipped, but they also MUST be measured. That's where a huge source of my calories were coming from. Way too much oil in my cooking.

And I think I've already mentioned the vast amounts of cheese I used to eat. Yeah. Enough of that. I still do dairy, but I measure it. What a way to live, eh? So sad. Well, it's also sad to be a hundred pounds over fat and have to lug that around all the time. So. Not. Fun. So, I'll measure my milk, but I"m still drinking whole milk from the farmer.

And the rest of it all? If I want to get full, I need to have a few cups of vegetables on my plate. There is so much variety of veggies in this world, that this is not a hardship. And if I want something sweet to eat, I need to grab and orange, or a pear, or an apple. This is also not a hardship.

It's NORMAL eating. Healthy, normal whole foods.

I think I'm finally getting it, somewhere deep inside on a level I've never "gotten it" before.

What's different this time around? I don't know. Maybe it's repentance.


elizabeth said...

wishing continued progress for you! love to you!

Lucky girl said...

I started WW for the second time the beginning of the month and I feel the same way as you do. It's different this time, I feel so motivated and if it takes me 5 yrs that's okay. Hope you have a good week!!

Cheesehead Chris said...

Yah, I cried when I thought of measuring, weighing etc. Gads, it just seems so unfair! But perhaps that was the last of my mourning for my old unconscience eating ways. I don't know. I, like you, feel different this time around. Maybe it is time. Maybe I am giving myself permission to make mistakes, to be human and not perfect. I don't know.

Veiled Glory said...

I like this new "lifestyle"; it fits you nicely. :-)