Stupid Pizza

This post was written last night and posted here this moring, so if the time frame might seem off, that's why.

I weighed in tonight and before tomorrow starts, I have a ginormous pile of weekly points and unswapped activity points that I could be using up. 28 AP's and about 20 WP's.

That's a pretty big binge, if I wanted to.

I wanted to spend a few points this week on something special. A blizzard perhaps, or a cookie from Panera...even though I don't want to go out into the horrid cold winter night and get anything from either place. Not that anyone is open.

I also hinted that my husband could go get Chinese food. Nope. He won't go. I thought of ordering a pizza. I could eat a few slices and count those points and be happy. But no. That did not happen either.

Instead, I found a frozen rising crust four cheese pizza in the freezer. Lackluster. As soon as I'd unwrapped it and stuck it in the oven, I realized that this thing did NOT represent my food bliss. Not at all.

But there it baked and then it came out. I decided to eat one slice, even though I'd budgeted for two in my tracker already. I ate the one 8 lousy point slice. It as NOT worth eight points, let me tell ya!

It was Stupid Pizza. Food eaten just because I CAN????? What is THAT about?????? And it wasn't even good.

I still have points left. I could make myself some cookies, or I could eat a grilled cheese sandwich. But I don't want to.

It's not that I have a burning desire to take the high road. No. If the right comfort food for my foul mood were set under my nose right now, I would eat it. No doubts.

But it isn't and I find that I don't care to work on making food happen right now.

What my body REALLY needs is water and sleep. And I think letting go of those uneaten points is the best thing that I can do.

Because in the morning is a new week, with a new 49 and somewhere in the world, cookies will still exist. And I can still earn Activity Points. And I can still follow the plan.

Since this journey is going to take forever, I might as well stop eating Stupid Pizza.


Edana said…
Congrats that you gave up on eating the frozen pizza! Water and sleep sound way better! Keep trying and don't be too hard on yourself, Alana. You are loved by your family, friends and by God.

And no worries that it's weight blog right now. I'll keep reading, don'tca worry. :D

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