Slice of Life

I woke up in SUCH a grumpy mood this morning, and was all clumsy in the kitchen and broke my very favorite pink glass butter dish.


And the kids were late getting up and everyone was moving slow and there was NOTHING to eat, according to one, so I made a big batch of waffle batter and became a slave to the timer and the tending of making waffles.

And in the midst of this, I HAD had it in my head that I would read some psalms to myself while I was tending the waffles, but I kept getting talked to. Pesky thing, a family. So much for being all "spiritual".


The waffle making took so long I finally decided we'd pray morning prayers in the midst of that process. So we did. With a few pauses for taking out the done ones and adding more batter.

Finally I abandoned the waffle batter, and we went on to our readings: Currently we are reading the Gospel of John, A Short History of the World (and we looked at that atlas maps of the places we'd read about and the Art History book of painting from the time period we'd been reading about), and then it was a snippet from a book about St. Seraphim of Sarov, and a Brother's Grimm Fairy Tale.

And then I looked at the clock and realized it was almost lunch time. Back to making waffles so I could finish that chore. And I washed a few dishes, and put the cooled waffles in the freezer. So, now we have toaster waffles. Yay!

I mean, LIFE was NON-STOP. I didn't even get a chance to drink my coffee. It was cold and I threw it out.

Then it was time to get dressed and make lunch. Well, really it was time for getting dressed a LONG TIME before I actually managed it.

Lunch was yummy: from scratch cream of mushroom soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Then I did get wedding dress number two cut out and spent some time testing some techniques on scraps, such as what the fray stop stuff looks like on the edge of cut organza, and whether the disappearing ink fabric marking pen is truly disappearing. I'll check it tomorrow to find out. I daren't use it if it is not, but there are some places on this dress where markings would help me tremendously.

So I did all that, and then I was tired. But I decided to go get my eyebrows waxed instead of taking a nap because they were so very very out of control.

Today, it hurt more than usual. Probably from being run-down. Ah, but the things we do for beauty!

Then I went to the thrift store, because that place always makes me happy. And I scored some great finds!

A cool-weather (but not the depths of winter) deep purple courduroy coat. Two blouses, and a tank top, the perfect pasta cooking pot in stainless steel with a copper bottom and lid, a stoneware shortbread cookie mold (puffyheart!) and a VHS movie I'd had on my wish list and a copy of the book Gone with the Wind.

Fun times. I'd never read that novel before, and now I think I will enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to a quiet evening. Perhaps I can read.

And I had this thought today, and am wondering if it isn't true for many of us: How much time do we spend imagining a perfect future (different circumstances, etc) in which we would pray more, and thus deceiving ourselves that we are spiritually in a better place than we actually are? I think I do this A LOT.

Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.


elizabeth said…
it was a super slow day for me too; :( ... and i struggle with the imagining my prayer life too. good to how it is...
It was an odd day yesterday for sure. I had mail route and I was in a daze half the day. I don't know why.

I never was a prayer but I have been searching. I don't "get it" though I want to. But since my co-worker's kid's car was hit by a train 11 days ago I have been praying A LOT! Every night I try and do a rosary for him and his family.
Alana said…
All we can do is try. When I pray my thoughts wander. And I bring them back. And then they wander again. And I bring them back again. Over and over. I'm getting very tired of thinking about clothes and food and chores while I'm praying.

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