Gone and Done it.

Joined Weight Watchers, that is.

Time for some outside accountability with my food. When I budgeted out my daily points allowance (fruits and veggies, including such yumsters as butternut squash and bananas are ZERO points, so I should NEVER be hungry) last night, just to see how much carb controlled pasta this girl can still eat, I about had a heart attack. NO WONDER I've got a weight problem. I've developed the oh-so-easy "I'm on a low carb diet, pass me that wheel of cheese" lifestyle...and then allowed some carbs to creep back in.

So, I just thought I'd share with you, both my readers (Hi Mom!) what I'm up to. Well, not specifically. My weight is so high, that after losing my initial 5%, I will STILL be higher than the magical number I thought I'd never let myself get fatter than.

I've struggled with my weight for all my life, since adolescence, as anyone who has read much on here knows. I have got to accept the fact that this. has. to. be. permanent. I really really want to change. God help me, I'm ready.

(And I think I'm going to like the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program. Not only are fruits and vegetables zero points, but the algorithm used to figure the points takes carbs, fat, protein and fiber into account.

What this boils down to, for me, is that I will have to measure my food (again), eat more veggies (again) and when I do eat pastured butter from grass fed cows, I have to put it in a measuring spoon first, instead of gobbing mass quantities onto my food.

But rest assured, I'd rather budget the points for real milk, than drink anything fake.

Lower Carb meets Nourishing Traditions principles meets Weight Watchers. This should be interesting.


Shelley said…
It's so interesting to read your post today! I joined WW just as they were introducing Points Plus the first of December. Since I've lost/gained the same 50 over and over, I'm taking a new tack, seeing how many calories I can consume (of real food and real fat), and still lose. It's slow, I'm down 8 lbs, but there won't be a drastic change when I get to my goal. To me that means I will be able to maintain. I'd love to buddy up with you and compare notes! I'm doing WW online, are you?
Alana said…
I did the monthly pass so that I can go to the meetings, use the on-line stuff and get the app for my smart phone. So yes, I'm online.

My WW website handle is arms244. I have not done much navigating around on the social parts of that site much at all.

Buddying up is always a good idea. Can you find me there?
Shelley said…
found you!
Shelley said…
There is an Orthodox Christian blog on the WW site, but it doesn't look like it's very active. Let's pump it up!
T. said…
Good luck! I have been considering returning to WW to try out the new points plus program. I too have struggled with my weight all my life. I'm excited to see how you like the new program and how this journey goes for you!
Laura said…
praying for you!!
elizabeth said…
wishing you all the best on this! You and family are still on my prayer list... :)
Elisabeth said…
Praying for you! I know you can do it.

I am struggling with some intense personal stuff right now (like a new diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder) but I am working myself up to starting a new diet. I'm thinking I may do Atkins. WW didn't do so well for me. I know that whatever I do, I've got to lose something and soon! I just broke past my "I NEVER thought I'd let myself get this fat" number. Ready for this? 400lbs. Yep. I'm officially 1/5 of a ton. How sad is that?
Alana said…
We can pray for, and support each other! Change is so hard, isn't it?

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