Blog Direction

I'm really questioning the future of this blog. It seems so inane to me. All I ever talk about is wee piddly little stuff. And I'm thinking perhaps this blog has run its course. But I don't know.

I've been blogging for so long, and I'm attached to it. I like have a forum and place for my wee, piddly little voice saying wee piddly little stuff.

I don't. know. I'm not fishing for compliments or accolades. I'm just wondering out loud what to do with myself.

You see, this blog is in GREAT danger, right now, of turing into a "this is all about my weight loss efforts blah blah blah" thing, and I don't really want to do that. Because, quite frankly, while that is going to be an on-going HUGE part of my life for the next few years, as I work to lose 80-100 pounds, I don't necessarily know that anybody who is not "on the journey" wants to read about that stuff. But maybe that's just what I need to do. Keep it real, like I always do. For some reason, my agonies in life tend to encourage others. Maybe because we all have agonies. The one thing I can say about myself is that I don't bullshit about the agonies of life, and I don't pretend they aren't there.

Well, I talked myself into a decision. This is going to become a weight loss blog, at lest for the time being. If that is boring to you, well, there's lots of other blogs out there.

Say a prayer for me on this life-style change journey: That I can balance the exercise I MUST get to make this work, and the fibro, and the homeschooling, and the sewing, and the mono recovery (I'm pretty much well recovered from that by now).

Ok, You have been warned.


Anonymous said…
I read your blog for the piddly stuff. Your faith intriques me and guess what? I recently joined WW too. I have a dear friend with Fibro and so reading of your struggle and thoughts helps me to understand her. Just letting you know, as a newer reader.
Alana said…
thanks, Anonymous! I promise to include some piddly stuff, even whilst I blog about my new "it's not a diet it's a lifestyle" stuff.
Anonymous said…
You must be quite tall, to say that you plan to lose 80-100 lbs to get where you'd like? From your photos otherwise I would have guessed like only 45-55 lbs otherwise!
I too enjoy your blog!
Anonymous said…
I started following your blog because I have fibro too and am partially home schooling my oldest child. Imo there is nothing piddly about the work a mother does in the home, or the transformation of a life in small, daily increments. I also blog as an outlet in a stressful life. I do it for me and to feel not so alone - especially when I feel insignificant. Don't stop blogging please!
mamajuliana said…
I like piddly, too! I enjoy someone else who is also trying to balance all of this 'stuff' in life. Too bad we don't live closer to each other...I guess this will have to do.

The real stuff in life...keep it going...please.

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