Sunday, January 02, 2011

We Give Thanks To Thee, O Lord, We Give Thanks...

I'm in a super grumpy/depressed mood this afternoon, and therefore I shall make a gratitude list:

1. For the Body and the Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist this morning.

2. That dinner is in the crock pot.

3. For friends who ask me how I am and really want to hear the truth and who will listen to me vent for a few minutes.

4. For meeting people IRL whom I first meet with in the bloggosphere.

5. For solving two domestic furnishings-related problems with some simple re-assignment of various furniture items to different spots in the house.

6. For St. Juliana and the good example her life set for mine, and for her prayers on behalf of this sinner.

7. For the sun shining through the window.

8. For a husband who plays games with his kids, even though it means he's currently ignoring me.

9. For being ignored (I like my personal space much when I'm in this kind of mood).

10. That the neighborhood-wide power outage was solved by the time we got to Church and that there was electricity there. It must have come back on while we were driving to Church, because it was off when we left, and there was electricity at Church when we got there. Others say it was dark for Matins.

11. That we live so close to Church.

12. For my sewing machine.

OK, there it is.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

thanksgiving sure can save us! wow...

just back online; enjoyed catching up on your posts. love to you...