Trying New Recipes...part of my New Year's Resolutions

God blessed me with plenty of energy today, and I was able to get my kitchen deep cleaned and re-organized. Now, instead of having plastic containers and lids and measuring cups stored in the cabinet above the sink, I have serving bowls up there. The net result being, of course, that it won't rain sliding plastic lids down on my head every time I open that cabinet. This is the result, for you organized types who can't picture it, of randomly shoving various sized container and lids into a cabinet shelf without taking time to stack, and by tidy. I'm bad about stuff like that. It's best to randomly shove things down low where they can't fall.

I also did some cooking and am looking forward to trying the Argentinian Chicken recipe that's currently cooking, and the green beans. I used two new recipes today. One was for a gluten free/low carb chocolate cake made with BLACK BEANS, of all things. Shhh, don't tell Eric. We shall see if he eats any. The recipe has rave reviews. It is sweetened with stevia and xylitol this time.

My younger two kids (11.5 and 12.5) are impossible to keep fed these days because they keep getting HUNGRY. So, in addition to the Chicken and french bread and green beans, there will be a pasta bake on the dinner table that my youngest helped make so she could have a pre-vespers SNACK. That's how it's going with food around here. Mass quantities...all the time. How blessed I am!

Here's the chicken recipe:

7. Anne Louise's Argentine Garlic/Cinnamon Chicken (Strict)
1 whole chicken (skin on)
Ground cinnamon
1 whole head of garlic (don’t let this scare you, it doesn’t taste like garlic when it’s done)
Oil to coat the bottom of a large pot with tight-fitting lid

Season the chicken inside and out very generously with salt and pepper and ground cinnamon, in equal amounts. Brown the chicken all over, using wooden spoons to turn it, so you don't break the skin. Seperate the cloves of garlic and peel them, then toss them all, whole, into the pot. (I promise, it doesn’t taste like garlic when it’s done).

Pour in a juice glass of white wine. Put the lid on, and turn the heat down as low as it will go. Simmer with the lid on for an hour and a half.

The wine, the olive oil, the chicken fat, the garlic, and the cinnamon make a wonderful sauce. In Argentina they put the chicken on a platter and surround it with cooked broad noodles, with the sauce drizzled over them, and it looks sort of like a whole chicken sitting on a nest. I make it this way for company, but skip the noodles for myself.

A variation of this that is easy and always popular as finger food is to use chicken wings or drumsticks, and toss them in salt and equal parts of ground cinnamon, ground pepper, and granulated garlic, and then bake them.

And here a link to the chocolate cake recipe!

Now it's time for Vespers and then a nice family dinner.


elizabeth said…
yay! sounds like a good day and a great meal! I never know where to put my plastic containers either..
Victoria said…
YummmmmMMMMmmmm. Yes, plastic containers...
Matushka Anna said…
I have very little kitchen storage space so my plastic containers are in a cardboard box on the floor of the tiny pantry. Not great, but better than anything else I could come up with.

How did the cake turn out? I never cease to be amazed at what you can make chocolate cake out of. Never.
Stephanie Niko said…
Black beans in cake?? Wow. How was it?
Alana said…
could not taste the beans at all. a bit on the dry and crumbly side of things.

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