Monday, January 03, 2011

Susupicious about Gluten

So, last night the power went out again, and instead of being able to eat the pork and green beans that were in the crock pot, we took ourselves off to Pizza Hut to, ostensibly, celebrate my name day. In order to eat at Pizza Hut I had to go off my diet. This was not the type of Pizza Hut with a salad bar.

So we ordered Pizza. And cheesy breadsticks.

I'll admit I enjoyed them. But I could. not. eat. as much as I used to eat when we would go to Pizza hut....not that I've ever considered myself to pig out there, or anything. It's just that I didn't eat the normal amount.

And driving away I was nauseous. Very nauseous. And I stayed that way for quite some time, until I had a biblical glass of wine to settle my stomach. And even then...semi-yech.

Was it the carbs?

The other things that I wonder is if the nausea might indicate a gluten issue. Because the other thing I've noticed is that even while counting carbs, if I am eating carb-controlled gluten or wheat containing products such as low carb tortillas, or carbquick bake mix, even while staying within my carb limits, I don't lose any weight.

In fact, I tend to gain. Is it water retention? Is is actual fat gain? Who knows???? But the scale goes up and stays up and does not go down again...even with the carb totals being OK for the day.

Between that, and the nausea last night, and the fact that heretofore, things made of wheat flour are my very favoritest things in the whole wide culinary universe..bread, pasta, cake, cookies, just makes me wonder.

Today I'm so glad to be back on the straight and narrow. My motto is that every experience, especially the set backs, are learning experiences. And I can go forward from here.

And the scale still hates me. But I hate it, too, so we are even.


Slice of life said...

I am lactose intollerant and I feel sick after any milk product now. and in extreme cases, after eating cheese, I have experienced a swollen tongue and lips.

it maybe worth asking your GP. Dont suffer in silence.

Athanasia said...

I would suggest (not that you asked), that it is the fat content in the food. The grease and fat content in those pizzas and 'cheesey' breadsticks - not to mention the dough, makes me sick just looking at it - and I eat similarly to you- at home cooking which, by default, is lower in fat (for the most part).

How's that for a run-on sentence?! LOL!

In other words, eliminate the minors before diving for the major pain the butt food problem - gluten.

I don't get on the scale -that's how I solved that problem!

elizabeth said...

worth looking into; the idea of being gluten free well, is not easy, but I have a friend who functions a lot better without it. love to you.

Alana said...

As long as my diet is low carb, as it should be, gluten free is EASY, actually. For the most part I've been eating gluten free for a couple of months, now, by default.

Low carb diets tend to be higher in fat than "regular" diets, so the fat I'm used to.

That's why I'm specifically wondering about the gluten.

AnitaAshland said...

Have you ever had a blood test for celiac? I highly recommend getting the celiac panel and finding out for sure. Nausea and inability to lose weight can be celiac symptoms. If you have celiac it's imperative to be on a strictly gluten-free diet.

margaret said...

Gluten can cause some nasty symptoms. I can't describe how ill I feel after eating a lot of bread or pasta and I'm going to get checked out. It might also explain some of why you don't lose weight easily even though you seem to put more effort into it than most people. I was researching it when my priest was diagnosed with celiac disease and more than a few sites said that although weight loss is more commonly associated with celiac that in some people the inability to absorb nutrients creates a massive appetite.I know my body is hungry when my minds knows it shouldn't be and my eating patterns don't make sense so I'm going to get tested for it. Perhaps you should too. At the least (hopefully) it'll be something you can tick off.

margaret said...

And, btw, great title photo. It's nice to see Bethany at last, the person whose fantastic goggle idea has saved me from years of agony in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Margaret, your girls look just absolutely lovely, and so happy in this shot. Sweet teenage daughters!

Alana said...

The family photo was right before heading out the door to last year's Pascha service. All dressed up and so happy.

Rebecca said...

I love the family photo!

And I'm hearing you on the gluten question. Our household is gluten free because 2 out of 3 of us are at least gluten intolerant. But when it's just DD and I sometimes I'll get her a gluten free pizza and me a regular one ... and I *always* feel sick. I'm thinking I should just go with the gluten free of the household ... and since I can't stand it and I'm not supposed to be eating carbs anyway ... just go no carb. :wry smile: