New Year's Project

Pray for me, friends, as I endeavor to record the Psalter into my computer this year. This has been a project that has been on my heart to do for a long time now, and finally today I started. After I read the first Kathisma (Psalms 1-8 in the Septuagint) the program I was using unexpectedly shut down before I could save it and send it to my iTunes file.

I did get those Psalms re-recorded, as well as the next set. I want to be able to have the psalter to listen to when I'm driving or sewing or knitting...whatever. It will just take some faithfulness and consistency to get it done. It's not hard, per se, and I have all the technology I need. I just have to do it.

I'm posting this here as a means of accountability.


What a brilliant idea !
I could do this too, recording in Latin and English, to help my Latin studies......
gemma said…
A great project. Happy New Year - your family picture is wonderful. A truly beautiful family.

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