I've Been Sick

Feeling weird and sick, really. I came home from a very busy day last Thursday and was utterly worn out. No surprise there. Often the fibromyalgia kicks me in the rear after a busy day with lots of errands. I thought a good night's sleep would fix it. Usually does. But on Friday I still felt bad and could barely run the one errand I had to do safely. I did not feel good driving the car, but had to anyway. Mercifully, I made it. Friday afternoon found me in tears on the phone with Wes. Would he take the girls to AHG that night? Of course he did. I slept and rested. Saturday I got up, full of hope that I'd be better. I took Maia to get new glasses and that did me in. I came home and found myself crying again, feeling ill, trying to make a lunch and not being able to muster the energy.

That's when I officially put myself to bed for the rest of the weekend. And the weekend extended to yesterday, since Wes was off and I was still feeling ill...AND it was my birthday. Nothing definite, just ill and no energy and aching all over.

Other than a really low grade off and on temperature, I'm not running a fever. Certainly nothing definite. But I ache, ache, ache....right through the middle of my body, in my lower back area. And I'm having pain in my left back side. And I'm wiped out.

Today I got up and got dressed and did stuff, a little bit. I washed the dishes (our dishwasher is waiting on a part to be repaired), microwaved some leftovers and did some laundry. I sewed for a little while. And that was enough. So I rested. The ache is still there. I suspect that my UTI from a few weeks ago has not really cleared up yet and gotten worse. When I called the nurse at the clinic today she told me to STOP taking the extra antibiotics that were in the bottle they gave me for the UTI a couple of weeks ago (I suspect they are the reason I started feeling a wee bit better yesterday and today) otherwise it would obscure any blood or urine testing. So, no more of that, I guess.

Tomorrow I go see the doctor. Hope he can find out what's going on in my body.

Here's a nice prayer I've been praying:

A Prayer of a Sick Person

O Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Physician of souls and bodies, who didst become man and suffer death on the Cross for our salvation, and through thy tender love and compassion didst heal all manner of sickness and affliction;

Do thou O Lord, visit me in my suffering, and grant me grace and strength to bear this sickness with which I am afflicted, with Christian patience and submission to thy will, trusting in thy loving kindness and tender mercy.

Bless, I pray thee, the means used for my recovery, and those who administer them.

I know O Lord, that I justly deserve any punishment inflicted upon me for I have so often offended thee and sinned against thee, in thought, word, and deed. Therefore, I humbly pray thee, look upon my weakness, and deal not with me after my sins, but according to the multitude of thy mercies. Have compassion on me, and let mercy and justice meet; and deliver me from this sickness and suffering I am undergoing.

Grant that my sickness may be the means of my true repentance and amendment of my life according to thy will, that I may spend the rest of my days in thy love and fear: that my soul, being helped by thy grace and sanctified by thy Holy Mysteries*, may be prepared for its passage to the Eternal Life, and there, in the company of thy blessed Saints, may praise and glorify thee with thy Eternal Father and Life-giving Spirit. Amen.


mamajuliana said…
Praying that you feel better and that the trip to the Doctor will help.

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