It's So You! (Giving myself a makeover)

I just got done reading the book It's So You! Fitting Fashion to your Life by Mary Shaheen Warren.

I actually did the exercises in the book (I think the last time I'd read this book I did not adequately apply what I'd learned, and I certainly did not stick with my recommended color scheme.

But this time, I did. I will. I was ruthless.

You see, it all started on Monday, when I decided for myself that it was "pink day". I wore a pink t-shirt (deep mauve color) and a pink sweater over, and a denim skirt and a pink and brown head band. At some point on Monday afternoon I looked at myself in the mirror and went "Yipes! Do I really look like THAT?????" Suffice it to say, my look was frump city and pink is NOT my color. Deep down inside I knew this and in my weaker moments (which are most of them) I did not care.

Suddenly, on Monday afternoon, I cared. Deeply.

So I re-checked the color chart on the back inside flap of this book, and I ruthlessly went to town dumping anything hanging in my closet that was not in the right colors onto the floor. I thought, "I'm not going to have anything at all to wear."

Then, I got to the wardrobe building chapter and read about how many combinations of outfits one can build with four tops and four bottoms. Ok, there's hope. I still had at least that much in my closet.

I got to the part that talked about what sorts of warderobes a stay-at-home mom should have (personal casual and business casual) and I realized that I naturally gravitate towards a business casual style when I have to go out and about; Shopping, doctor's appoinments, Church...that sort of thing.

And there was a section on selecting a color story. That part was easy. Brown is my base color. I'd dumped LOTS of black things onto the floor of my closet. And my very very favorite colors in the world to pair with brown: deep red and teal/aqua. And I had several items in each color, of varying shades. And then I put the red and teal together and realized those two colors are a fun combination and really pop when paired with brown. So, I had my "color story" to use the phrasing of the book.

And I have plenty of it. I laid out my brown bottoms on the bed, and realized I have brown slacks, brown skirt, brown/maroon velour skirt, etc. More than enough. Abundance. And the teal, red, brown and cram tops, sweaters and vests in various combinations...all practically interchangeable, work great with everything. And it was all in my closet, all along.

On a whim, I invested (seven whole dollars) in a brown and teal beaded multi-strand necklace and earrings when I saw the perfect set on sale at the store on Tuesday.

And, I gave myself a hair cut. That was impulsive, I'll admit, and I cut off more than I'd wanted to. But it turned out OK. Curls are forgiving, and they grow.

I also discovered an entire springtime dressy wardrobe with multiple possible combinations in my closet as well. The color scheme is light green, coral, cream and light teal. Again, I was surprised at some of the possible color combinations and blouse/skirt combinations that popped out at me as I was playing with various ideas.

Now, for my "personal casual clothes", I have some denim slacks which I don't loathe, but don't love either. And I have a whole slew of green knit shirts in various shades of olive and hunter. They are on my color chart, but are not my favorites. But they will do for at home on days when I am going nowhere. And there are those ultra-comfy brown dresses I bought last year. Definitely an at-home item at this point.

And oh, the irony! For the first time in my adult life I feel like I have a chance to look "put together" and not too frumpy, and I'm stuck at home with mono!

I'm trying to be very very good, and very very still and restful. The kids are helpful and I did a bunch of shopping on-line that I would ordinarily just grab at Walmart. There is much to be grateful for. I think it's time for some reading and an afternoon nap. And those clothes will all have to remain on the floor of my closet until I'm better.


Anonymous said…
Yay, so happy for you!
Get well soon!
elizabeth said…
Sounds like you have some nice outfits. Do keep resting. hugs!
Anonymous said…
That's great! That book helped me a lot too. Now when I go clothes shopping, I'm not overwhelmed or distressed - I disregard anything that doesn't fit my VERY narrow colour story, and then ignore anything that's not my 'style' (regardless of how much I like it) and it narrows my choices so much that it's so easy. The best part is that I don't need a mirror to get dressed in the morning, because I know what outfits I have and that they suit me. So I have banned full-length mirrors in our house. That's a really positive thing when one has daughters growing up - it is a small step towards avoiding obsession with body image and appearance.

Good for you! I LOVE brown, cream, coral and teal - but they make me look dead, so I can't wear them. Some of the book upset me a bit because I realised the colours and styles I love sometimes make me look awful, but I have to admit she's right about it all.

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